A Frightfully English Execution - Shamini Flint

Shamini Flint

A Frightfully English Execution by Shamini Flint

Unfortunately I have now reached the preliminary last novel in the Inspector Singh series.
This time Inspector Singh is sent to  England to participate in a Commonwealth conference about policing in London. They have to look into a 5 year old murder case. Not to solve it but to see if policing in a multicultural society could have been conducted in a better way. Singh thinks it a waste of time and worse - his wife is joining him.
Singh finds it hard to keep to the concept and is soon involved in solving several murders and unraveling a terrorist cell.
As always a pleasant reunion with the plump Sikh and his wife. Hopefully there will be more books in the series. This one is from 2016.

In the series provisionally issued:

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