This Years Harvest of Heartnuts


This years harvest of heartnuts and the last bunches of grapes.

The heartnuts are a bit cumbersome to harvest, because you have to scrub them thoroughly with eg.  a nailbrush before spreading them out to dry. First of course you have to remove the green peel. It is absolutely necessary to wear rubber gloves because else the peel and the black fibers on the nuts  will color your hands very much. When they are clean and dry they should be able to last very long. This is due to a thick nutshell (which makes them hard to crack) and a high content of antioxidants. I doubt we will be able to test that - my guess is that we will have eaten them long before - they taste well!

The grapes have enjoyed the warm summer and produced bunches. Now it s the last ones. The little green grapes are self-sown and allowed to remain in the greenhouse. We have only ever had one vine with blue grapes, but seed propagation obviously doesn't always make identical species.

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